Jakub notes

  • engineering

  • routines

    • Areas of activities-

      Four areas: energy, self-fulfillment, needs, and disruptions.

    • Cash in a pocket-

      I always put the cash into my pocket. It's usually as much as I will need during a day. It is so great I keep doing that even when I'm not traveling.

    • Dedicated time for myself-

      I need to work at least 1-2 hours on my projects every day; otherwise, I feel like I wasted a day.

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  • work

    • Writing-

      Learn 80 % of the rules of good writing.

    • Development team delivers the feature. Empowered product team is solving the domain's problems and opportunities.

    • Documentation-

      Documentation from the very beginning. Keep it up-to-date. Document together. Document for others.

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